Cats in our Cattery

Unfortunately we have a large number of cats who come to Cat Welfare Sussex, and it is not possible for us to publish an up to date list of the cats in our cattery who are looking for new homes. Nevertheless, here are some example cases of the cats in our cattery. The cats introduced on this page may have already been homed.

Beth, (pictured right) a four year old black shorthair, came to us via our vets. Seriously injured after getting her foreleg caught in her collar, she had been wandering around lost and in extreme pain for weeks.

Major surgery was necessary to remove the deeply embedded collar from around her infected neck and chest. The scarring was horrific and Beth was traumatised and very aggressive when she came into care. However, over the weeks she has learnt to trust us and is now lapping up all the attention. She is far more ‘Lady Macbeth’ than ‘Eliza-beth’ and can be quite feisty but a great character and so in need of a loving home. All her injuries have now healed.

Othello, a black street stray, long haired and covered in knots and tangles and very scared of humans due to ill treatment, now allowing us to stroke him, after months of spitting and growling.

Violet- left behind when her drug addicted owner was evicted. The property maintenance company arrived to clear the house and block up the cat flap and Violet was left scared and bewildered on the front doorstep. This sweet little 18 month old tabby would make a wonderful companion.

Ferdy, whose owners no longer wanted him after just 1 year, was un neutered, not vaccinated and full of fleas when we took him in. He is a dear friendly little boy who likes other cats.

Lena, a ginger female that came to us from Lost Cats Brighton, had been abandoned with her kittens. The kittens had been re- homed but Lena has serious temperament problems. She has started to improve and will let me stroke her a little whilst she is feeding. She is happy in the cattery and has made friends with the other cats.

Fred and Barney a beautiful pair of 7yr old black boys that lost their home due to a marriage break up.

Zara, a beautiful, young tabby cat, was deposited at the cattery on the morning that her owners were due to move house. We had no prior arrangement, no phone call or warning. I feel that she would have been left on the doorstep if I had not been home.

I would just like to say please, please, please do not dump cats at our property.

We are not a big centre staffed throughout the day. This is a private house and Tommy and I run the cattery together – without help.
During the week Tommy is at work and I have to attend vets visits, rescue cats, and collect supplies and a hundred and one other things. The chances are - if you turn up with a cat in a basket I would not be here to receive it.


If you can offer a home to one of our cats as a pet or as a working cat please, please, please phone Julie Grant on 01273 423861 or email Julie here (please include your telephone number) .

You will probably get the answer phone but please leave a message and Julie will return your call.
We all get frustrated with answer machines but Julie's whole day is taken up with looking after the cats at the moment.

We regret that the cattery is not open to the public. Should you wish to adopt a cat please phone Julie for an appointment.

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