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Run by volunteers, Cat Welfare Sussex is a locally based charity which is dedicated to the welfare of stray, feral and abandoned cats within the area.

CWS would like to thank our friends and supporters for their ongoing kindness during these difficult times.
It may now be possible for CWS to re home feral/ working cats to outdoor rural locations such as stables and smallholdings – providing that relevant social distancing measures can be implemented.
Unfortunately, the re homing of domestic cats is still on hold.
For adopters, the meeting and bonding with a new pet is a vital part of the re homing process. We also need to carry out home visits. Sadly this is just not possible under current guidelines – especially given the recent spikes in coronavirus cases and the uncertainties of a 2nd wave.
We have to protect ourselves and our volunteers as we are of the older age group and therefore more susceptible to Covid 19.
However, all our resident cats are safe, well and enjoying the summer. They bring us so much joy every day and really help to keep our spirits up.
Vets are now starting to re introduce some routine treatments but it is always advisable to telephone your vets prior to visiting the practice.
Fundraising Events are still in abeyance for the foreseeable future. It is doubtful that any activities will now take place until 2021.
Feel free to call CWS for ( non veterinary) help and advice 01273 423 861
Please note – we do not have any kittens or young cats at the present time

We aim to prevent uncontrolled breeding and alleviate cruelty and neglect of cats wherever possible by working closely with vets, local authorities and other animal organisations,

The charity specialises in the trapping, neutering and relocation of feral cat colonies and the rehabilitation of cats with behavioural and socialisation problems.

Cat Welfare Sussex offer care, kindness and a future to cats that are frequently perceived as being unsuitable for re-homing.

We believe that every cat has a right to life and we never use euthanasia as a soft option.

Cats are only put to sleep, on the advice of our veterinary professionals, in order to alleviate pain and suffering due to terminal illness or severe injury.

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