Fund raising

Many of the cats that come into our care have been subjected to serious neglect and cruelty. To restore their faith in human nature can be both time consuming and extremely costly.

Our expenses for food, cat litter, heating, cattery maintenance and veterinary fees are ever increasing.

Charity begins at home. It is extremely hard for local Charities to keep pace with the advertising power of the large National organisations, and we rely on the kindness and generosity of the local supporting public to enable us to help our feline friends in need.

In order for us to continue our vital work we desperately need your help.

How to help Cat Welfare Sussex with fund raising...

  If you have a few hours to spare now and again to help with a tin collection or with a fund raising event or car boot sale then we would love to hear from you.
  Can you help with photocopying, clerical work, printing or graphics? We desperately need computer wizards to help with future advertising and fund raising projects.
  Perhaps you and your work colleagues could organize a fun / sports event for us - we would mention your company here on our website.
  We always welcome good quality , saleable items for our fund raising events. (We cannot sell damaged, stained or incomplete goods)
  Tins of cat food are always in demand. Perhaps you could organize a tin collection at your place of work or amongst your friends.
  Hold a coffee morning, cheese and wine or dinner party for family and friends. Charge a set price and give the proceeds to Cat Welfare.

If you have any original ideas as to how we can raise money for the cats, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Please phone Julie Grant 01273 423861 or contact Julie here.

Here are our fundraising events for this year.

Please support those who support Cat Welfare Sussex ...