Some of our Success Stories continued...

We love to hear about how our 'graduates' have found new lives in new homes with new loving owners. Here are the stories behind some of our recent successes.

Zake – (formerly Blackie) & Millie – (formerly Tilly)

Anna Borsey from Willingdon ...

"We adopted these two Senior Kittizens from CWS in mid-December 2008. Poor old Blackie, Millieas he was then, at about 12 years of age, had been waiting for a new home for nearly a year after his owner died of leukaemia. The widow sadly didn’t want to keep her late husband’s cat, so Blackie was taken in by Cat Welfare. Tilly, as she was then, also about 12 years old, had been living with a nice old lady in her early nineties for a few months, but Tilly was too much of a handful for such an elderly lady so CWS took her in.

Millie is a bit temperamental and can be a mite too swift with her paw, and she has very sharp claws. Before that she had been in another cat rescue centre, and prior to that she was homeless and being fed by a lady who lived in a small upstairs flat and was unable to take her in.

However, we like cats who are individualistic, and we wanted to give these two Golden Oldies a permanent home where they could live out their lives.

ZakeZake has now got only one eye after being clawed in his right eye by another cat, back in May. In spite of extensive treatment, the cornea burst and poor Zake had to have his eye surgically removed. He has been very patient and good about it all, and he doesn’t appear to mind the loss of one eye.

Both cats live on a diet of poached fillet of pollock and boiled basmati rice, because of Zake’s chronic digestive tract problems, and as a result their fur is silken, soft and luxuriant.

Both of our “tuxedo cats” are much admired; they are happy, playful and relaxed, and they love their large garden. They both follow us around the garden, and they have quite a range of favourite spots around the house – including, of course, our bed!"


Regular visitors to our cattery may notice that Biba -our thirteen year old tabby female is no longer with us. Never fear. All is well. After almost five years of being in care Biba has finally found a wonderful, new home.

BibaBiba was a very temperamental girl and several attempts at rehoming ended in failure, it looked as though she was going to be with us for life - but then her luck changed. Enter Joanna and Alex who have adopted Biba and love her to bits; she is now thoroughly spoilt and spends her time playing with all her new toys and enjoying her new life.

Joanna emailed us to say:

"Biba is an absolute joy, she is as mad as a hatter and plays a lot -the living room is FULL of toys. She is very affectionate and we have been taking it slowly but she is now sitting on our laps, and Alex has picked her up a few times with no problems. She seems happy and content. We love her to pieces and I can't thank you enough for putting us together. She is lively and loving and eats like a horse!

Hope all is well with you and you like the pics, if you want me to write anything for the newsletter than I am more than happy to."

Millie Mittens

Millie MittensMillie Mittens was found abandoned in a cardboard box at a bus stop, and was taken in by us; she was quite feisty, had no canine teeth, and showed signs of being teased in the past.

She was adopted by Linda and Geoff. Linda tells us:

"Since being with us, Millie's personality has slowly changed - previously she only just tolerated the other cats in our house, but is getting much better with them now.  She is also far more comfortable with human contact, in fact she'll make sure she's in the front garden when the schoolchildren and their parents pass by on their way to school to enjoy the attention they give to her.

It's wonderful to watch the small changes in her personality as she grows in confidence - she even gave me a little kiss on the nose a few nights ago - the first time ever!"

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